Zielona Góra, Poland

Zielona Góra, Poland


Zielona Góra, which in Polish means “green mountain” is located in west-central Poland. It is the joint capital of the Lubuskie province. The city was originally established in 1323 but under a different name- Grünberg.  After being under the control of various empires and governments the city was returned to Poland after World War II in 1945 and renamed Zielona Góra. This city rose to prominence because of it’s location on a trade route from Berlin.

The city is one of the fastest developing urban centers in the country. The city enjoys a mild climate year-round which contributed to it’s prominence in the winery business. The cities first winery was established in 1314 and today there are 2,500 wineries in the city. The city also has a strong banking sector as well as an active service and trade industry.

The city is also an education hub where 18,000 students study at either it’s university or the College of International Trade and Finance.

The city is filled with historic buildings, churches, beautiful forests, lakes all of which are helping to turn it into a tourist destination. The cities annual Wine Festival, held every September, and Song Festival also help bring tourists to the area.

Zielona Góra, Poland became Aurora’s second sister city in 1992. Some activities Aurora participated in with Zielona Góra include:

  • 1993: Aurora sponsored of a Polish delegation on a business and trade visit.
  • 1994: Aurora Presebyterian Hospital donated surgical room equipment to Zielona Góra and sponsored two doctors from Zielona Góra to learn medical procedures in Aurora.
  • 1994: Aurora Parks and Recreation donated playground equipment to Zielona Góra.
  • 1993- 2004 saw series of student, teacher, and book exchanges between Aurora and Zielona Góra.

As of the 2016 this sister city relationship is currently dormant.

Flag of Poland

Flag of Poland

Zielona Gora coat of arms

Z.G. coat of arms

Zielona Gora Facts

  • Mayor: Mr. Janusz Kubicki
  • Population: 138,512
  • Area: 60 square kilometers
  • Climate: Temperate oceanic- cool summers and winters
  • Primary Spoken Languages: Polish
  • Key Industries: Business, education, service, trade, banking, wine.