About Us/Mission/Areas of Focus

Welcome to Aurora Sister Cities International where we believe communities that engage globally thrive locally. Join us as we work to enrich and engage the city of Aurora, Colorado’s diverse and international community while striving to improve the city’s international business and trade ties.

Our Mission
The mission of Aurora Sister Cities International is to promote mutually beneficial local and global partnerships centered on international trade, and cultural and educational exchange.
Our Vision
Aurora Sister Cities International aims to build relationships which expand cultural and educational exchange between our Aurora, Colorado community and its sister and friendship cities. Additionally, Aurora Sister Cities International aims to serve as the liaison, facilitator and guide to foster international trade opportunities between Aurora, Colorado and its sister and friendship cities.

Areas of Focus

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What We Do

At a municipal level, Aurora Sister Cities International acts as the city of Aurora’s liaison with its various partner cities, establishes new global friendship and sister city partnerships on behalf of the city, creates an international business network between Aurora and its sister and friendship cities, and facilitates mutually beneficial trade opportunities through other strategic global partnerships.

At a community level, Aurora Sister Cities International creates a corps of committed, globally-minded volunteers who support our global sister city initiatives, perform various activities that highlight Aurora’s diaspora communities, and engage in cultural and educational exchange activities that build relationships and trust. This is accomplished through the creation of “country committees” or other special interest committees which then undertake specific initiative which foster education and awareness of, and seek to engage our local international community.

Aurora Sister Cities International engages in three types of strategic relationships with our international partners:

  • Sisters Cities – These are cities in which the mayor and city council of each city vote and agree to a formal partnership.
  • Friendship Cities – These are cities in which the mayor of each city agree to a partnership.
  • Strategic Exchanges – These are programs facilitated by Aurora Sister Cities International which provide a direct and immediate economic benefit to the city of Aurora and/or its businesses, and which may help develop a future friendship or sister city relationship.

Why We Are Unique

Aurora Sister Cities International is unique for the following reasons:

  • We are the only organization in Aurora that officially promotes global partnerships for the city of Aurora and its citizens.
  • We engage Aurora’s highly diverse international community through our local committees and other cultural and educational exchange initiatives.
  • We are positioned to enhance international trade through our relationships with cities across the world.
  • We are positioned to assist Aurorans doing business abroad, particularly those located in our sister and friendship cities.

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