We sent Aurora students to camp. Here’s what they have to say about it.

8/29/2017 by Loren G. Evans

In June Aurora Sister Cities International launched its youth programming with Global Youth Leader, a summer camp focused on giving students the skills needed to succeed in this global world. Two of the most promising graduates were sent across the country to represent Aurora at national camps. Here is what they have to say about camp.


Rosa (left) with her father (right) volunteering at Global Fest 2017

Rosa Lee

“I enjoyed that it was a community of people who were very open minded and looked beyond the surface. Nobody judged you on appearance, age, ethnicity, or anything else. I really liked how welcoming everyone was despite not knowing who you were.” -Rosa Lee on her time at Sister Cities International Youth Leadership Summit

Rosa Lee is a freshmen at Rock Canyon High School. She attended the Sister Cities International Youth Leadership Summit in Virginia this year.  Rosa aspires to study art in college and explore a career in the fashion industry.  She was surprised to discover many of her fellow campers won their spot at camp in an art contest. “All the other artists there gave me hope, showing me I can also accomplish a lot”.  Rosa found the opportunities to interact with students with similar goals an inspiring part of attending these camps.  While she still dreams of fashion, Rosa says these camps opened her eyes to career paths and programs she had never considered.


Hermela at Global Youth Leaders Camp 2017

Hermela Goshu

“the lessons we were taught are the kind that I will always have in my heart and I feel like the camp truly made me a better person” – Hermela Goshu on her time at Up With People camp

Hermela Goshu is a freshmen at Denver South High School, she attended Up With People camp in Virginia.  Hermela hopes to earn a law degree and would love to work for the U.N. someday.  She thinks these camps help her move toward her goals and make her a better person.  Workshops at camp delve into issues from around our nation and the world.  While these discussions often made her sad, Hermela says she “learned so much and was able to listen to many unique viewpoints on many important issues”. Saying she found it important to empathize with people sharing, even when topics did not affect her personally.  Hermela’s takeaway from her time at camp “Become a light in our community that guides other people”



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