Ever Heard of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

A recent Bloomberg news article online states that by 2036 “humans [will be] entirely removed by the logistics business” due to the current revolution in automation and robotics.  Many folks in the corporate sector refer to these changes as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Aurora Sister Cities International is preparing local students for future changes in career opportunities by sending a group of 13 students to our sister city in South Korea to attend a leadership conference focusing on the topic of career development during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Aurora Sister Cities International has had the great privilege to partner with the Seongnam City Youth Foundation to provide Aurora students the opportunity to engage with youth from all over the Asia-Pacific region while in Seongnam City to discuss this important and urgent topic.  The participants will connect with other youth in discussions about future job experiences, how cultural exchange will benefit their future careers, and how they continue to find happiness and dream about their future.

Our diverse Aurora delegates represent 6 Aurora high schools, 3 institutions of higher learning and the Aurora Police Explorer Program. The delegates will be able to offer their varied experiences and dreams with others and hear how other youth plan on making their stamp on the world. Aurora Sister Cities International provided $4,000 in scholarship funds to help assist the delegates in travel funds.  Check out the Aurora delegates below and the conference site here.


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